The Story of Pick

Pick is the one word protest of two very busy guys who object to anything taking longer to happen than it should. It’s a beautifully simple, mobile and desktop app that eliminates the back-and-forth by comparing signup, suggesting times and, finally, booking the event.

We’ve all been there. It starts with the words, “We should set up a meeting.” And then what follows is a ping-pong-like, back-and-forth where we try to set up a time to meet. Add a third, fourth or ninth participant to the meeting and the ping-pong game can last a while.

Pick lets you find time without eating up a bunch of it to do it. And good things happen when more stuff actually does. Like drinks. And mergers. And babies. And meetings and study groups. And with Pick, they will.

  • Bob
    Bob brings over 20 years experience investing in and working with companies on product management, development and operations. He is driven to help build dynamic, scalable startups. Having worked in venture capital, angel investing and in bootstrapping companies, Bob has been involved in a broad range of equity raises, acquisitions and public offerings.
  • Sujan
    Sujan brings over 14 years of internet marketing experience to work on expanding all areas of marketing, sales and partnerships for our companies. He has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Sales Force, Mint, Intuit and many other Fortune 500 caliber companies.

  • Scott
    Scott brings over 7 years experience building ground-breaking products. He started his career as an early employee at Yammer and spent four years building the product through the acquistion by Microsoft. Most recently, Scott was the Director of Engineering at Zenefits, leading a team creating the future of all-in-one HR and Benefits software. When he's not coding, you'll find him playing video games with his wife and daughter.
  • Ryan
    Ryan is a veteran of several start-ups and most recently employee #23 at Yammer. As Director of Global Sales, Ryan learned all about the importance of building an engineering culture, cultivating simplicity and beauty in a product, and telling the story of that product in a compelling way. He is an entrepreneur to the core, a father of two, and currently working on his Rory McIlroy-like mid-iron fade. One day, he wants to be a hacker, so he went out and completed a three-month Rails course at
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